Rough Sex – Part I

Note that this story was primarily written by Seth but involves both of our experiences with “rough sex”.

This next story that I am writing is admittedly something that a lot of couples engage in, especially after you’ve been together for a while as is the case with May and I. However, despite the regularity of couples engaging in “rough sex”, the fact of the matter is that it is still a kinky form of sexual activity. Below is my summary of how May and I partake in this intense yet surprisingly loving form of sex.

Almost guaranteed hallmark of rough sex is the lack of foreplay. Now this doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no foreplay whatsoever, but in the heat of the moment and the desire to get right into actual sex, foreplay is kept very brief compared to the foreplay that May and I normally engage in when we are being purposefully intimate. For example, I might eat May out for less than a minute, and she may give me head for the same length of time in return, but oral sex does not usually last longer than a few minutes. Most of the “foreplay” that we engage in is intense making out, all the while rubbing each other down over and underneath our clothing.

And speaking of clothing, although most of the time that we have sex we like to strip ourselves down to our full naked bodies before getting into any real vaginal penetration, one thing that we often do when it comes to rough sex is to start having sex with the majority of our clothing still on us. I’ll obviously take off my pants and underwear, but I often will penetrate May while she is still wearing her panties. In other words, I push the front of her panties aside to expose her vagina, penetrating her that way. This is a great way to engender a primal feel while having sex, making it feel like we want sex so badly that we don’t even have time to take off our clothes the proper way, and this mindset really helps create the mood for intense rough sex.

Note that by the end of the sex sessions, we do typically strip down to our full naked bodies as well. But it is a process and clothes slowly start coming off one by one as we start wanting to see more of our bodies. And the clothes are typically ripped off in a primal-like fashion to match the overall theme of primal sex. We’ve read about literally ripping clothes off our bodies and actually damaging them in the process, but decided that it was absolutely unnecessary in general and a waste of our hard earned money. But having that mindset is what we go for at the very least when we rip off all our clothes one by one (without literally ripping them in half).

As for our sex positions, we like to go with two key ones. Doggy style and cowgirl. These involve plenty of exaggerated bouncing and bobbing and overall arouse us the most. For me, I love seeing May’s breasts bounce up and down as she is riding me, or seeing her booty jiggle every time I thrust into her backside in the doggy style positions. And May simply loves the excellent penetration she receives in said positions. In fact, these two sex positions are the type of sex that most people engage in when they are hooking up and really into the sex more than the emotional connection, which is exactly what we are going for here. Along the same lines, if we are really playing up the rough nature of our sexual encounter, we naturally avoid missionary (i.e. not by choice but simply based on the mood in the moment).

There are some other kinks that we like using while having rough sex that I thought I’d share as well. The first one we do is to situate ourselves in front of our mirror, which is naturally visible when we are positioned at the edge of our bed (on the side wall, not in front of the bed). This is especially kinky when we start having doggy style sex and we can both see each other’s faces in the mirror, seeing our pleasure with every thrust into May. Plus, I can even get a glimpse of May’s breasts slapping back and forth if she is not resting on her elbows. This also works for our cowgirl position for May – when situated in front of a mirror, May can visually see what she looks like and that actually helps her to maximize her appearance while I am penetrating her underneath, helping to give me the absolute perfect view of her. Note that there are plenty of other mirror positions to try depending on your own particular tastes. But the two listed above are the ones we primarily use.

One other small thing I like to do is give May her used panty and stuff half of it into her mouth while I have sex with her. I just love the look of her having her own panties stuffed inside her mouth – not only the view, but also the way it changes her moans and screams during sex itself. This plays into the concept of rough sex fairly well as me forcing her to eat her own panties reinforces my dominant nature and her submissive nature all at once, which at its core is the premise of rough sex.

To be honest, a lot of our regular sex does slip in and out of rough sex from time to time, simply because rough sex feels absolutely amazing from a sexual point of view. Having said that though, we do feel that focusing in on rough sex completely and immersing ourselves in the entire mindset every so often makes our love life way more fulfilling. Having a wide variety of ways to have sex is always a plus, and an all-out, intense form of rough sex definitely belongs in the mix!