Rough Sex – Part II

Note that this story was primarily written by Seth but involves both of our experiences with “rough sex”.

After writing up my initial article on rough sex (now labeled as Part I), May so kindly pointed out to me that I left out a lot of some of the more outright forms of rough sex that we have experimented with. In other words, we’ve tried them once or twice but at this point in time don’t actively engage in them too much. Therefore, I’ve appended some of these other forms of rough sex here into this Part II for you all to enjoy. If you haven’t read up on Part I, you should definitely read up on that first!

Also just as a heads up: just about all of my examples below involve some element of actual pain. After writing this article in full I realized that. And I think that is part of the reason that these elements of rough sex were never fully adopted into our sex lives. Despite the kinkiness involved with using pain during sex, the very image of May being in pain was a huge turn-off for me. For what it’s worth May actually loved most of the truly rough stuff that we tried (as described below), but I couldn’t handle it emotionally. But if you (and your partner) can handle using actual elements of pain in the bedroom, you’ll definitely find these anecdotes useful in your own sex lives. Anyway, let’s get on with it!

First up on my list is spanking. This is actually something that we tried pretty early on in our relationship. I would basically spank May while I was having sex with her doggy style, or even sometimes just spank her while we were engaged in the 69 sex position. May personally loved it when her behind got extremely red after enough spanking. And to be honest, I liked it a lot too. Despite redness being associated with pain, I knew that spanking on the ass in particular was much more tolerable than other forms of rough sex, and so I didn’t have as much qualms about spanking her in general.

As for why we stopped spanking over time, I think it just had something to do with spanking taking a lot of time to really have an effect. It wasn’t as simple as just spanking her a few times and her ass would be bright red. It took a many minutes of consistent spanking, over and over until her butt slowly but surely turned red. And I just preferred using that time doing other things that were more explicitly related to sex – for example things involve my penis or May’s vagina or breasts!

Although this next example on my list is quite similar to spanking, May and I never really got around to trying this until after our marriage. What I am referring to here is slapping her breasts. This was primarily accomplished while in the cowgirl position, as I had easy access to her breasts as I was laying down with her riding me. All it would involve was giving her a moderately hard slap on her breasts, alternating each side just to be symmetrical. Per May’s request at the time, I also tried to focus on slapping her right on the nipples to help her stimulate that highly sensitive part of her body for her.

Unlike spanking her butt however, slapping her breasts caused a lot more physical pain to her, and it was quite evident to me based on her facial expressions when I slapped her breasts, using equal force compared to spanking her butt. Because the behind is mostly just fat and muscle, with no sensitive anatomical elements to it, spanking it is just like slapping a piece of meat (at least that’s how I interpret it). On the other hand, slapping a women’s breasts has mammary glands and nipples, both of which are quite sensitive. So even though May personally enjoyed when I slapped her breasts during sex, I didn’t particularly enjoy it from my point of view, especially knowing how sensitive and fragile her breasts truly are.

Last on my list is quite the doozy, and that is choking. If you are relatively new to the world of kink like I was, then rest assured – choking is a common form of rough sex that many couples engage in. However, it is not for the faint of heart. And choking isn’t some euphemism for anything either. It literally means choking your partner, with the main goal of cutting them off from their air supply temporarily (also known as erotic asphyxiation for those who are curious). According to May, when I choked her, she felt lightheaded for just a few moments, during which her senses elevated and any sexual stimulation that I was applying to her was enhanced as well. Plus it put in her a submissive state which she always loves.

I’ll admit that choking her the first time was actually pretty hot, seeing her eyes stare right back at me as she was out of breath, all the while being penetrated by me (most often in the missionary position). However, as I already mentioned, putting May into physical pain, especially something as hardcore as choking, was just too much for me and we stopped doing it within a few weeks.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse any further, so I’ll just say this one last time: just about all of these sex acts mentioned above can provide intense sexual pleasure, but it inevitably comes with some physical pain. If either you or your partner are uncomfortable with giving and/or receiving such pain and pleasure (like I was), then it’s probably best to keep these particular forms of rough sex as a fantasy only. However, if you guys are both comfortable with it, then by all means try these forms of rough sex at your leisure!