Foot Fetish

Note that this story was primarily written by May but involves both of our experiences with the “foot fetish”.

Despite our attempts to spice up our sex lives from time to time, we do sometimes find certain sex acts that just don’t jive with us, either with Seth, with myself or with both of us. Emphasizing feet play is one of those instances. And to be honest, this particular sex act never really appealed to me in the first place, but I tried it just to see how it went. What follows is an account of my (our) venture into the world of foot fetishes.

To start off, Seth really wanted to try this. Perhaps not necessarily out of sexual desire, but simply out of curiosity. He’s seen all sorts of references to foot fetishes online but truly did not understand the appeal whatsoever. So he asked me if he could try those sorts of sex acts out on me to see whether we ended up seeing something that we were previously missing. I figured that best case we would be able to open an entirely new and exciting avenue that we both enjoyed immensely. And worst case, we just end up never doing it again, moving on from the experience entirely without any harm done.

To start, we definitely had to wash our feet thoroughly, because even if our feet were more or less clean otherwise, we knew our feet would be going into our mouths and potentially other orifices, so we had to take extra precautions for sanitary reasons. Then we engaged in giving light foot massages to one another. While they physically felt great for our feet, they didn’t really do much in terms of sexual arousal. Once we did that for a few minutes, I volunteered to try something more sexually explicit by sucking on Seth’s toes. I worked my way from the big toe all the way down to his little pinky toe, spending at good 20 to 30 seconds on each one sucking them as sexily as I possibly could.

What I almost immediately noticed though was how far away Seth was from me. Because my face was all the way down at his toes, essentially, we were a full body’s length away from each other. Compared to when we have more conventional sex and are much closer to each other physically, this “foot fetish” position decreased the intimacy levels significantly. But besides that fact, I could also just tell that Seth wasn’t feeling my toe-sucking whatsoever. He was smiling at me, but more out of laughter at the image of me sucking his toes, rather than any actual sexual enjoyment from the toe blowjob I was giving him.

At that point I decided to switch it up by giving him regular head for a few minutes, and then quickly getting on my back and stroking his cock with my two feet. Once again, I immediately noticed how far away he was from me physically. Compared to being face-to-face with his stiff cock, I felt miles away from him when I switched to giving him a footjob. It was also significantly more difficult to give him quality stimulation with my feet, as I couldn’t quite get a grip on his penis with just my feet. I could only get a few solid strokes in before his cock slipped out and I had to reset my foot positioning.

Now despite these difficulties, I can say that Seth did enjoy my footjob. Without him actually telling me, I could tell simply because of his facial expressions, plus the fact that his cock stayed rock hard throughout. In the end though, the stimulation from my foot probably was not enough compared to a legitimate blowjob, because after a few minutes, he requested that we switch up the positions.

At that point, we just went back to our regular routine and had sex until Seth had his orgasm. After he finished however, he wanted to try and suck on my toes in return to see how the opposite felt. While sucking on my toes, I more or less did not get sexually aroused at all, similar to how Seth reacted when I sucked on his toes. But the sensation itself was actually pretty unique. My toes were not only getting wet due to his saliva, but they also felt relatively warm due to being in his warm mouth for an extended period of time.

In conclusion, as interesting as all of these foot-related activities were, both Seth and I just couldn’t see ourselves doing any of those activities again in a sexual setting. I think the kinky nature of the foot fetish could have sexually aroused us simply because we knew we were engaging in something universally known as “kinky’, but the actual sex acts themselves were not particularly arousing from a physical standpoint. Even the footjob I gave Seth was too difficult to do and was nowhere near as pleasurable for him as other more common sex acts.

I think that if you have an actual fetish for women’s feet, then getting feet involved in your sexual encounters can arouse you quite a bit, potentially even more so than regular sex. But if you don’t have a particularly strong opinion on feet in general then engaging in foot-related sex acts is more or less a waste of time. While I don’t necessarily regret trying it out with Seth just one time, in the end, we decided not to pursue such activities again in the future. Maybe you’ll be different though. As I alluded to earlier, if you are remotely curious, there’s absolutely no harm in trying it out for yourself!